The Ride of a Lifetime

“Embark on a Bohemian adventure”, this is the titillating tagline of the groundbreaking, innovate and globe changing LOVAGANZA experience. This multi-faceted phenomenon is set to bring new insight into the literal world around us. The experience is made up of three parts all leading up to the legendary LOVAGANZA 2020 celebrations.

Director duo Jean Francois and Genevieve Gagnon announced their desire to not only create a brand of entertainment but also to evoke a humanitarian mission. A part of LOVAGANZA’s mission is to “create spectacular immersive entertainment to inspire and bring wonder to the audiences of the world“. Our adventure begins in 2017 across various parts of the globe with, The Traveling Show, where audiences will see The Marvelous 12 presented in Immerscope. Buzzworthy Immerscope offers an 180-degree 3D glassless wraparound screen for a new viewing experience with a nostalgic feel. The Marvelous 12, an animated picture will make its debut at The Traveling Show at with a grandiose musical score recorded at the iconic Abbey Road in collaboration with greats like Chris Elliot, Geoff Alexander and Simon Rhodes.

After the Traveling Show on, the highly anticipated three-part film will begin in May 2018 with, “Follow Your Sunshine” proceeded by, “The Sunshine Stop” leading up to, “The Prophecy”. This trilogy takes place in every corner of the globe including Barcelona Spain, Mumbai India, Grimaud France all the way to Lancaster California. In the film itself, we experience travels through the “Motherland” to “Banyan Country”, “Holy Passage” and “Lotus County”. All of the films will be available for viewing on the Immerscope 360-degree 3D wraparound screen on and showcased simultaneously at 8 flagship locations and 50 cities worldwide. The adventure doesn’t end here our three part journey has only just begun.

In September 2020 audiences will be able to embark on the greatest journey yet with “Hands Across the World” wherein global citizens will stand hand in hand in unity spanning the continents. The hope is to inspire the LOVAGANZA Impact culminating with LOVAGANZA 2020 for unity and resulting in a “new phase in human world”. A historic unconventional love extravaganza is in full steam and the convoy is coming, hold on tight because off we go!

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  1. The filmmakers’ motivation is to unite global citizens under common global goals of unity, peace, and abundance. Featuring a more than 70 piece orchestra The Marvelous 12 sets the bar for what is yet to come. There are many things that rushmypapers can do determine that everything is working hand in hand for all and sundry too.

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