The Career Path of Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger works at AXIOM Venture Capital where he serves as the Managing Partner. He started running companies since he was studying at the Maastricht University, Netherlands. Tobias started Business Associates Europe which was his first company in 2007 while still a student at the university. The company was involved in developing an innovative strategy of offering strategy consulting services to all corporations through bringing together consultants who are experienced with students at Universities. The students in turn offer in-depth research support to many different top companies which are either in or out of Netherlands.

Right after graduating from the Maastricht University, Tobias got involved in the industry of e-gaming where he was able to enter into a partnership with a top poker player to start StrategosPoker. This was an online platform that taught casual poker players the way to play on a level of competitiveness as well as generating a major personal income. Tobias Jaeger went on to serve as the Managing Director of an entrepreneur academy. This academy has managed to offer personality empowerment courses to many top entrepreneurs across the Middle East and Europe. Ever since he was young, Tobias Jaeger had a passion of exploring empowerment techniques like designing a successful life which leads to professional performance and peak personal.

Tobias Jaeger got an opportunity to take his expertise and experience to the industry of entertainment in 2012. He became part of the Thought For Food which is a Swiss initiative and came up with a conference and documentary on how the food industry is being reshaped by the leaders of the next generation by use of the latest technologies. This documentary was shot in the Netherlands, Kenya, Switzerland, and USA and has managed to find its way to the hands of top decision-makers and investors across the world who have made a decision to be part of the initiative.

Tobias Jaeger has been instrumental in developing AXIOM Pictures which is the 1st entertainment equity fund based outside of Europe. At AXIOM Venture Capital, Tobias is in charge of the company’s department of Corporate Finance and M&A advisory. The company is involved in assisting entertainment and media entrepreneurs in finding the correct investor. After leaving the German Armed Forces in 2006, Tobias Jaeger co-founded the Support German Troops which is a non-governmental, non-political citizen leadership initiative meant to create awareness as well as gather support for the German Armed Forces’ troops.


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