Q1 Group Making Business Dreams a Reality

Success in anything comes with hard work and determination to make it despite all the challenges that one faces in the course of the journey. Vijay Eswaran is no exception to this saying due to his business aggressiveness that has seen him prosper.

According to QBuzz, after striving and excelling at the various business prospects in America Vijay Eswaran thought of going back to his home so as to practice what he had learnt in entrepreneurship during his stay in America. After returning home he founded a Kuala Lumpur based group by the name Q1 in the year 1998.

The group is a multinational entity that caters for varied businesses ranging from hospitality, education, retail, direct selling, and financial services among other businesses. The group makes this possible by offering business solutions to the ventures to ensure they are in a position to prosper in the chosen fields.

When it comes to education, the group focuses on ensuring that there are reforms aimed at bettering the education offered to people. The group has five regional offices in Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia which assists in the coordination of the group activities in the 30 countries.

It has also helped people in the society by offering employment opportunities to more than 1500 people in the countries it covers. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

Mahatma Gandhi is the corporate icon that drives the vision and mission of Q1 group. The corporate philosophy of the group is abbreviated as “RHYTHM” which means rise yourself to help mankind which was derived from the principles through which Gandhi led his life.

The group is guided by three core values which are Care where people are the greatest asset that the group has. The second value is service, the organization in this case aims at serving its clients with the heart hence giving them the best service they can offer. The third principle is integrity that drives the group to serve people in an ethical upright manner.

Eswaran is not only the founder of the Q1 group but also a prominent businessman that has helped the group succeed. He is also renowned for his philanthropic nature that has seen him donate towards women and youth empowerment and education reforms.

His generous donations made him appear in the list of the philanthropic heroes by Forbes in 2011.

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