OSI Industries Continues To Grow

     Growth in business is the sign of a healthy industry. Companies that continue to expand in a controlled manner are examples of success. Well-run organizations continue to create jobs and opportunities for those within its ranks, as well as new prospects who are looking to be part of an evolving organization. OSI Industries began in the early nineteen-hundreds. It has grown into an international organization with a diversified client base. OSI has recently made news by acquiring other prominent companies within the industry which helps them expand its reach throughout the food production industry.

Flagship Group is a well-established food industry organization in the UK. The company is known for providing frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, sauces and dressings. Flagship Group made their own acquisition in order to promote their industry influence. Calder Foods was added to their ranks. Calder Foods specializes in sandwich fillings, marinades and dips.

Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer that was acquired by OSI Industries. The company specializes in deli meats as well as various snacks. Members of the Baho Food organization were excited to be affiliated with a multi-billion-dollar organization such as OSI Industries. The acquisition gives Baho Foods the support needed to conduct their operations on a more competitive level. In turn, OSI is reaching out into yet another segment of the food industry. This allows them to continue making an impact with their business strategies and innovations.

OSI Industries was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky . Kolschowsky began with a meat market in the Chicago area. He grew the company into a major distributor for other food businesses including restaurants and supermarkets. By the 1950s Otto and his sons were a major factor in the Chicago food manufacturing business. They were discovered by Ray Kroc, who was the founder and CEO of McDonalds. Croc was looking to expand his business into to the Illinois region and needed a meat supplier. Otto and Sons got the job and developed a strong relationship with the McDonald’s organization.

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