Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics on the Verge of Catching Amazon?

Amazon has been hearing rumblings over the years from a number of competitors in the fashion e-commerce market that they are closing the gap to the retail giant. The reason that so many of these competitors simply can not make any headway with Amazon is because each year they are taking in over 20 percent of all the sales in this niche. While the other thousand competitors are fighting in the muck, it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making a real charge for the top. The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be catching Amazon is because they have already sold $250 million in active-wear.


To be able to get a real understanding as to why this athleisure brand has been able to do what so many others have not, we need to simply as the owner. Hudson will tell you that for her company to be able to explode in sales in such a short time, it has been a unique blending of reverse showrooming and membership benefits. To see these in action, all you really need to do is visit the Fabletics retail store in a local mall across the country. Women inside the store are applying for their memberships, taking a lifestyle quiz, browsing new arrivals, and even trying on just about anything they can.


To be able to dominate the fashion e-commerce market like Amazon, you have to be doing things in a way that appeal to the masses. When you visit the local stores at the mall and you try on the active-wear, each piece gets instantly uploaded to your online account. Your Kate Hudson’s Fabletics shopping cart is now packed with items you have already worn, and it makes it very easy to just go shopping impulsively. Take that size concern out of this shopping equation, and you see why so many women are buying this unique brand of women’s workout apparel in record numbers.


Hudson’s Fabletics gives their loyal customers so much more than you could ever expect to get at Amazon. When you get a Prime membership at Amazon, you shell out $80 and only get discounted shipping, that is it. When you apply for free membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you get free shipping, huge workout apparel discounts, and assistance from a shopping assistant once a month. This is why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is apparently on the verge of catching Amazon.

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