How EOS Lip Balm Reached Nationwide Success

EOS Lip Balm is now seen across the globe in different cities, countries, and in places you never even thought. All kinds of local health stores provide this new lip product that has been sweeping the nation for the past seven years or so. The creators tried looking for a kind of market where they could capitalize on simplicity. They noticed that so many things we already have are already made, but they noticed that in the world of chapsticks, there were a few missing companies. There wasn’t as much competition or even quality product lines in this market.

EOS Lip Balm was born with the genuine intention on providing real results to users. EOS Lip Balm is very well respected for numerous reasons; one of them being that they are organically made and are priced generally very affordable, It’s a product that doesn’t capture too much space either.

After finally making it to shelves for Walgreens and then eventually Target, they realized that they needed to create a buzz in the media and also get millennials interested on buying the product. They advertised the way that others did, but if they wanted to reach their target demographic of 25-35 year old women, they would need to get out of traditional media. They sought out the help of influencers on Youtube, Instagram, and other social media influencers with decent followings to share or talk about EOS. Eventually, everybody was sharing and talking about the product on different social platforms and today they have millions upon thousands of followers on sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram.

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