How Bernardo Chua Introduced Ganoderma Lucidum To The World

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman from the Philippines. Much of his career has been built around Ganoderma Lucidum, a mushroom that is a native of Asia and has been used in their traditional medicines. He has introduced products using this mushroom first in Asia and then eventually in North America.

It was in 1999 when Bernardo Chua first started selling products incorporating Ganoderma Lucidum. He was a co-founder of Gano Excel Philippines and Gano Excel International in 1999. He was the General Manager of Gano Excel Philippines while he served as the head of Operations at Gano Excel International. In 2003, Bernardo moved to the United States and started Gano Excel USA where he was President of the company. He was a top executive at all three of these firms until 2008.

It was in 2008 that Bernardo Chua launched his current company, Organo Gold, in Richmond, British Columbia. His products incorporate Ganoderma Lucidim. The products that he sells includes coffees, teas, toothpaste, and a bath soap.

He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and his leadership has resulted in Organo Gold products being sold internationally in over 50 countries. The latest company that his products are available in in Singapore which is where he launched Organo Gold Singapore.

As a highly successful Filipino businessman, Chua was honored by his country with one of their highest awards. At a ceremony that took place in Manila in February 2015, he was given the Dangal ng Bayan Awards.

This award is given to those who have had great business success internationally and winners serve as a role model for other entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Additionally, his Organo Gold brand was given two People’s Choice Awards in two categories, Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.

Organo Gold products are available through independent distributors in each company the products are in. Many people have created successful careers selling Chau’s products to others. Organo Gold has also partnered with The Napoleon Hill Foundation on a book. This book, Think and Grow Rich, has helped people who want to be entrepreneurs understand how they can be successful.

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