Energy Industry Giant Cotemar Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a provider of services to the offshore oil industry. The company was established 37 years ago and over the years has evolved into a company that provides the construction, upgrading, and maintenance of offshore drill and processing facilities, food and lodging, transportation of heavy and light materials, and marine support through their fleet of specialized vessels.

Cotemar provides oil companies with it’s proven abilities in engineering, construction, modernization, and ongoing maintenance for offshore facilities. The specialized vessels they have to assist in these tasks includes semi-submersible platforms that have cranes with the ability to carry high loads as well as work decks where workers can construct prefabricated parts. Their objectives include installing quality parts on time, safely and within budget all while complying with environmental regulations and social commitments.

Some of the other specialized vessels that Cotemar employs are housing platforms that can accommodate up to 800 people, tugboats for transporting large structure, fire fighting and oil spill cleanup vessels, and ships that can transport the abrasive materials used on offshore wells such as sand and barite.

These vessels are large enough to house 4,000 people at a time. The entertainment options include tv rooms, a cinema, basketball courts, and gyms among other activities.

Cotemar is a company that as part of its social responsibility mission recognizes its employees and treats them with respect. One way they do this is by establishing a sense of community at the company. They promote health, sports, and cultural initiatives for their employees to take part in. Cotemar also creates a lot of job opportunities in Mexico both on their ships as well as their headquarters in Ciudad del Carmen.  They are offered great food and accommodations while they are out at sea and can partake in the entertainment options that are available. Cotemar also clearly communicates its values, environmental, and social responsibilities to employees, partners, and clients that they work with.

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