Defending Human and Civil Rights

In Montgomery, people gather to celebrate the 41 people who died advancing civil rights between 1954 and 1968. Many people have dedicated their lives to championing for civil rights, in the past, and in the present. Some civil and human rights activists groups look at the general scope while others pay special attention to, particularly vulnerable minority groups.

Some of the groups particularly focus on protecting immigrants and members of minority communities from discrimination, racial profiling and arbitrary detention. Such groups include the American Civil Liberties Union, the Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights, the Puente Arizona and the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Civil and human rights activists employ different strategies to advance their agenda for equal treatment of all people regardless of their age, gender and origin. Fortunately for them, their causes are supported by the Constitution and they always prevail in cases where the abuse or the breach of the constitution is too apparent and protested against in timely fashion.

Some, like the American Civil Liberties Union, sue laws and policies that offend the rights of immigrants for unconstitutionality. Some, like the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, sue oppressive public officials in a bid to set a precedence that dissuades other officials from further abuse and violation of Human rights.

Others exert political and social pressure by instigating and propagating strikes and boycotts. Some also hold peaceful protests and conduct public demonstrations. Most of the most active and successful activist groups use more than three of the methods jointly to pursue causes of highly emotive rhetoric.

The Maricopa Struggle

The fight for civil rights in Arizona is intense and both sides of the antagonizing parties have felt the heat of oppression and emancipation. Leading the charge for immigrants and members of the Hispanic Community, journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been nothing short of heroic and audacious.

The daring duo decided to take former Sheriff Arpaio on despite his reputation for dealing with his critics ruthlessly. They confirmed that the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in the United States was abusing his office and gathered enough journalistic evidence to publish about it.

The high-handed law enforcer sent subpoenas to the two co-founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix Times demanding that they divulge information about their readers and their sources.

The subpoenas were in clear contravention of the law and Larkin and Lacey declined to oblige. They got arrested and detained on the sheriff’s orders. The arrest was made without a warrant. The two were released the next day after the public protested against the arrest. They decided to sue and in the process, they got the Justice system to indict the errant sheriff for abuse of office.

They also received a settlement of 3.75 million dollars and they used it to establish the Frontera Fund which champions the rights of Hispanics and immigrants in Arizona.

President Trump recently pardoned Sheriff Arpaio just before he started serving his prison sentence. Members of the public condemned the move and accuse the president of endorsing racism. The fight to defend immigrants’ rights is still ongoing.