Daniel Taub, the Global Ambassador of Peace

Fifty-five years ago, no one could ever imagine that Daniel Taub would be as successful as he is today. Born in 1962, Daniel Taub has grown to become an internationally recognized lawyer, writer, and diplomat. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://twitter.com/danieltaub5

As a Jew born and raised in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub has always had the passion for uniting the Hebrew speaking community through language and custom. After studying at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Oxford University College, The Law Society, and Harvard University, Daniel Taub decided to move back to his ancestral home and begin a new life there.

Shortly after Taub’s arrival in Israel, he enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces where he got the opportunity to serve as a combat medic and as a reserve officer. Also, Daniel Taub got a job as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog, a position that gave him much exposure among the elite. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Two years later after his arrival in Israel, Taub found a place in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. As a man who had extensive knowledge in matters regarding the law, Daniel got to represent Israel in many multilateral fora.

Years later, his diplomatic career began, and Taub happened to be instrumental in negotiating for a peace accord between the Israeli and Palestinians. Since the 90s, Taub has been nothing short of a resource to the Jewish community. Although Daniel Taub is no longer the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, he continues to serve the Jewish community diligently.

Currently, Daniel Taub works for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as the Director of Strategy and Planning. Two years down the line, the company has been able to realize much success due to Taub’s forward way of thinking.

Some of the responsibilities bestowed upon Daniel at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation include overseeing organizational reviews, creating developmental strategies as dictated upon by the corporate reports, and communicating results to top management.

As a famous writer, Daniel Taub has authored many inspiring pieces that happen to appear in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, and The Times. Tracing several themes from the Bible, Taub is the man behind the book, Parasha Diplomatit.

Above all, Daniel Taub is renowned for scripting HeChatzer, a popular TV Series among the Jewish Community. All his life, Daniel Taub has helped unite the world, with the aim of promoting global peace.

To date, Israel and Palestine remember Daniel Taub as the one individual who tried to harmonize two nations that have conflicted for more than half a century.