Brian Torchin On Being A Great Manager

Brian Torchin has built a very successful company by helping over 200 healthcare companies located in Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States with their staffing needs. He says that all facilities share many of the same problems. They must work to integrate their services while lowering their readmission rates.

They must also work to spend less on care while raising their patient satisfaction rates. Most facilities are also trying to actively integrate their services with others in their service area. Brian believes that his HCRC Staffing company can help healthcare organizations find the workers that they need.

Managers Need to Stay Engaged

He says that an important part of the process of finding and keeping great employees in healthcare is to keep them engaged as a team. He says that the team leader must show up for work each day with a can-do attitude because their spirit is extremely contagious. Brian Torchin also stresses that administration needs to interact with staff at all levels on a daily basis so that employees feel free to talk to him or her.

Managers Need to Hire the Right People

Brian Torchin also says that managers need to be very involved in the hiring process. It is important to hire people who fit with the company culture so that they are willing to stay. Each company has its own culture, so everyone fits somewhere. It may, however, not be at the organization where they are currently interviewing.

Creating a Magical Work Environment

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin likes to encourage managers to create a magical environment in their workplace. He uses magic as an acronym where the:

  • M stands for meaning
  • A stands for autonomy
  • G stands for growth
  • I stands for impact
  • C stands for connection

Be the Change Agent

When change needs to occur within an organization, Brian Torchin recommends that managers lead by example. He stresses that it is important that managers accomplish the change in their own performance that they want to see in others.

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