Arthur Becker Engages Real Estate in Bio Tech Industries

Arthur Becker has established himself as one of the premier real estate developers in the city of New York. Thanks to his tireless work over the past several years, dating back to 2011, Becker has become a force and someone to pay attention to when it comes to property developments. Today we are going to look at Becker’s work as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners is looking to be THE investment firm of New York when it comes to real estate as well as bio tech ventures. Arthur Becker took some time out of his day in order to answer some questions and talk about the future of his company.

According to NY Daily News, Madison Partners LLC came to fruition during a period of time when Arthur Becker was dramatically shuffling how his work flow was going. In early 2010 Becker was working at NaviSite as well as ZINIO. During this period he started to get “very engaged in both technology and real estate”. Becker would go on to sell NaviSite and shift his gears toward real estate. He purchased property in Miami as well as New York City before ultimately setting up shop in the NYC. During this period of time Becker also began to get more and more interested in bio technology.

While Becker would be the first to admit that he has no background in medicinal technology, he is still going to set himself up for success in the industry. Becker says, “I have also become exposed to a number of early stage bio tech companies and became fascinated by the evolving paradigms.” Becker’s interest in the industry is particularly rooted in addressing cancer. Becker says that he wants to work with bio technology because of the “substantial economic opportunities and the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives.”

In the present Arthur Becker is currently focused on a pair of real estate developments. Becker and Madison Partners recently purchased a trio of townhouses in downtown Soho, on Sullivan Street, as well as a condo development in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. We’re very interested to see how the company maneuvers into the bio tech industry, as well. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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