A Unique Money-Making Opportunity With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyards provides a unique business opportunity for individuals interested in parties, fun, wine, and money. With a small $99 investment, earning money, free wine, and prizes is simple with this company. The small fee covers costs of a Success pack, which contains wine glasses, brochures, order forms, marketing materials, and more that help you get started with ease. No prior experience is necessary to work as a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyards. If you enjoy get togethers, wine tasting, and good times, you already have what it takes to become successful with this company.

Earning Money as a Wine Guide

Wine Guides earn money in several ways. The highest earnings method is via sales from parties. Guests taste the Traveling Vineyard wines. The company offers a total of 21 red, white, and sweet wines for guests. The bottles are reasonably priced, and with such exquisite tastes, sell themselves. Wine Guides earn 15% to 35% commissions on their wine sales, which varies according to the sales volume of the party.

Wine Guides also earn money when bringing new consultants to the wine party. The earnings for recruiting new Wine guides varies, but it is always nice to add money to the mix, especially when it is so easy to recruit wine lovers into the money-making party zone.

Wine Guides receive ongoing online training and support. Many events are held throughout the year that guides can attend to enhance their skills and profits. These fun events are held throughout the U.S., and while optional to attend, are always an informative great time.

Unique Money-Making Opportunity

While many at-home party businesses exist, Traveling Vineyard provides a unique opportunity to make money while enjoying great-tasting wine, food, and fun. If you’re a social butterfly who wants to make great money, consider a position as a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard.

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